Online Student Classes

As we know the current school closures in the country due to Covid-19, students are home with their families. In order to utilize the time effectively, Respected Sadr sahib instructed Majlis Atfālul Ahmadiyya Canada to started Online Student Classes for Elementary Students from grade 3-8. By the share Grace of Allah, we started the classes from March 16th till date. These classes are taught over Zoom daily by our Respected Murabbīyan and monitored by the Atfāl National Āmila who provide all logistics and technical support. We have approximately 400-500 Atfāl Participate daily.

Each day, a total of 12 Murabbīyan teach two subjects in 6 classrooms. Over the course of two hours, Students are taught proper recitation of Holy Qur’an, Salat with translation, and a story from Early Islam or Ahmadiyyat. Students actively engage in the classes and ask Murabbīyan questions on the respective subjects.