Shahjahan Bajwa Sahib

Department of San‘at-o-Tijarat Plan for 2019-2020

The Department of San’at-o-Tijarat (Trade and Industry) is to promote, teach and assist Atfal with various trades and skills, and to introduce and enhance the business skills amongst Atfal.


  • Establish a database of Atfal consisting of their respective skills and ambitions for future profession.
  • Assist Atfal by providing career counseling services.
  • Teach various trades and technical skills (e.g., fixing bikes, keyboarding, basic computer hardware / software training, photography, bookbinding, do-it-yourself techniques etc.) to Atfal by having individual and collective training sessions.
  • Generate income for Majlis by organizing stalls, and collecting advertisement / sponsorship.
  • Organize an industrial session and industrial exhibition at least once a year.
  • Arrange Exhibition at local and regional levels.
  • From beginning of the year, make special efforts for sending variety of items from as many Atfal as possible to National Exhibition.