Ijtimā’ Package 2024

Please refer to following documents that are being provided for your Local & Regional Ijtimā’ preparations:

  1. Local Ijtimā‘ Guidelines
  2. Duty Chart Template
  3. Program Template
  4. Ijtimā‘ Expense Form
  5. Ijtimā‘ Syllabus for Mayār Sagheer Atfāl
  6. Ijtimā‘ Syllabus for Mayār Kabeer Atfāl
  7. Atfal Ijtima Sports Competitions Guideline
  8. Atfal Ijtima Educational Competitions Guideline & Marking Scheme
  9. Marking Sheets for Educational Competitions
  10. Certificate Templates
  11. Duty Badge Template
  12. Team Quiz Competition Syllabus

If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out to Department of Umumi at umumi@atfal.ca.

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