Responsibilities of Local Nazim

Train and educate Atfāl in Islamic ways and to inculcate in them the love of Allah and the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم , the spirit of serving Islam, country and mankind and to strive for their welfare.

List of Monthly Activities:

✓ Submit Monthly Majlis Report before 5th of each month
1 Ijlās ‘Ām
At least 1 Ijlās ‘Āmila
Weekly Ta‘līmī / Tarbiyati classes
Weekly Sports Activities
Visit Atfāl houses along with Murabbī Atfāl and/or Qā’id Majlis
Exemplary Tifl competition among Atfāl on Majālis level and recognition
Collection of Chandajāt (Membership, Ijtīmā‘&Waqf Jadīd)

List of Other Activities:

Make a plan and calendar of Majlis events for the year
Fill Personal Information Forms (PIF), once every year
Field Trip
Exemplary Waqār ‘Amāl
Parents Days
Annual Ijtīmā‘
Implement Goals of `Ashra jāt (Tarbiyat, Waqār ‘Amāl, Māl etc.)
Essay Competition
Ta‘līmī Exams
Communicate and implement all other instructions form Markaz