Salman Rehan Sahib
Secretary Umumi

Department of Umumi Plan for 2019-2020

The Department of ‘Umumi maintains records of the Majlis activities and co-ordinates between Markaz and Majlis. Also, it administers the secretariat of the Majlis.

Responsibilities of the Department of Umumi

  • Submit the Monthly Report Form of Majlis to the National Markaz on prescribed Form. So Markaz can give better feedback after knowing all the situation of Majlis. A Monthly Report Form signed by Nazim Atfal and Qa’id Majlis of a current month must be received by the 5th of the next month at National Markaz. Ensure that all questions in the Monthly Report Form are answered even if no activity took place. Precise figures should be used rather than percentage or estimates. Keep a copy of the Monthly Report Form for local records of the Majlis before submission to the National Markaz.
  • Aside from Monthly Report, a separate report for any important work done in Majlis should also be submitted to the Markaz after giving a brief note in Monthly Report Form.
  • Feedback received from National Markaz or Zil`a must be implemented and a compliance report must be submitted.
  • Prepare a list of the members of local Majlis-e-‘Amila (Office Bearers) with their name, telephone number, address, and best time to reach them. Also, information regarding ‘Amila members performing five times daily prayers and recitation of the Holy Qur’an should be gathered. These can be gathered through an anonymous survey held in the Local ‘Amila Meeting or from an IQF (Individual Questionnaire Form).
  • Organize a Refresher Course for all the local office bearers of the Majlis under the supervision of Nazim Atfal. When a new office bearer is appointed during the year, a Refresher Course must be organized for him.
  • Arrange Ijlas-e-‘Ama (General Body Meeting) with the approval of Nazim Atfal and inform all Atfal of Majlis though Sa’iqeen. Make these Ijlas interesting for Atfal, and try to involve each Tifl in the program. This Ijlas should be organized every month exclusively for Atfal and should not merge with any other meeting.
  • At least once every six months, arrange Parents’ Day with the co-ordination and approval of Nazim Atfal to involve parents in education and training of Atfal. It can also help to inform parents about the current and future activities of the Majlis to get their maximum cooperation.
  • Organize Ashra Atfal once every 3 months. During these 10 days, make every effort to successfully arrange variety of programs for Atfal, and analyze the outcomes of these programs.
  • Ensures that all Majlis’ functions are held in a safe environment.
  • A proper Filing System must be established for Majlis records. Copies of Monthly Report, Minutes of Meetings, Circulars, Mail Folders, Incoming / Outgoing Letters, Red Book etc.