Regional Award of Excellence

✓ All 12 Regional Monthly Reports should be submitted to Markaz, out of which 10 reports must be on time*
✓ At least two sports tournaments or one sports league should be organized at the regional level apart from the regional Ijtīmā`
✓ 1 meeting with Local Nazmin Atfal should be held every month with at least 50% attendance
✓ 100% of the Budget of Chanda Membership & ljtima’ must be collected by Feb 28, 2023**
✓ At least one Parents Day should be held in the year
✓ At least two Tarbiyati sessions for Mayar Kabir Atfal should be held in the year with the focus on Tarbiyat Related Topics

✓ Representation in the Regional Ijtimā’:
✓ 70% of the Tajnīd must be present in the Regional Ijtīmā` of the Region

✓ Representation in the National Ijtimā’:
✓ National Ijtīmā‘ attendance:
35% of Tajnīd for the Eastern Canada Region
60% of Tajnīd for the Central Canada Regions
10% of Tajnid for Western Canada Regions


* This year due to the launch of Information Management System, 9 reports on time out of 12 will be allowed.
** Subject to change with notice