Naveed Ahmed Chatha Sahib
Secretary Waqf Jadīd

Department of Waqf Jadid Plan for 2019-2020

In accordance to the instruction of Hazrat Khalifatul Masīh III (rh), make sure 100% of Atfal participate in this blessed scheme.

Safe Awwal = $100 or more | Safe Dom = $50 or more | Nunhey Mujahid = $25 or more

Du‘aiya list to Huzoor Anwar (aba) for Atfal that pay in Ramadan

Safe Awwal before first Ashra Waqf Jadid will be provided special certificates

Atfal who participate in Safe Awwal, for before December 31st 2019, will have their names published in Hadiqatul Atfal and Al Nida.