Responsibilities | Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya Canada


Mirza Waqas Ahmad sahib – Secretary Tarbiyat

The Department of Tarbiyat (Training) is to inculcate the habit of offering five times daily prayers preferably in congregation, Tahajjud prayers, recitation of the Holy Qur'an, respect to humanity, and to establish Islamic values such as truthfulness, trustworthiness, respect of parents, teachers and elders amongst Atfal. Tarbiyat work requires a very sensitive, full of wisdom, target oriented and extremely consistent approach.



  • Teach Atfal good manners, respect of the mosque, respect of meetings, abstaining from foul language, eating and drinking manners, speaking manners and brotherly love.
  • Make sure that Atfal understand and recite Durood Sharif and other Qur'anic prayers often.
  • Inculcate the habit of saying Assalam O' Alaikum when greeting everyone.
  • Introduce the habit of wearing a cap while present in a Mosque.
  • Make sure 100% Atfal must listen to Hadrat Khalifatul Masihaa live sermons regularly. Nazim or Murabbi Atfal should explain and discuss the summary of each sermon with Atfal.
  • Organize sessions in which Atfal watch Hudur's programs; especially Children Class and Urdu Class.
  • Establish Friday Prayer Centers in schools, and make sure that 100% Atfal offer Friday Prayer.
  • In accordance to Hudur'saa instruction, try to bring Atfal to Mosques with the help of different programs (e.g., by organizing sports activities in Mosques).
  • In order to improve and sustain the different Tarbiyati activities, various modes and means should be used. They can be:
    • Regular Tarbiyati Classes: Make practical and feasible plans according to the geographical and educational needs of Atfal in the Majlis; e.g., establish House Centers on smaller units where Atfal living in close vicinity within a Halqa can come regularly, and develop a bond with each other and with office bearers.
    • Ijlaasat-e-'Ama: Plan and organize different activities for Ijlaasat-e-'Ama, such as presentations, departmental and individual activities, etc. These presentations can be done by Atfal with the help of office bearers.
    • Misali Tifl Program: Misali Tifl should have the following characteristics:
      • Offers Namaz 5 times daily
      • Offers Friday and Congregational Prayers
      • Recite Holy Qur'an / Yasarna-ul-Qur'an daily
      • Knows Namaz (preferably with translation), and has basic religious knowledge according to their age group
      • Follows “Five Fundamental Characteristics” as emphasized by Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh ; i.e., Truthfulness, Use of polite and respectable language, Care for people (awareness of others pain and a realization to find ways of removing this pain), Patience, and Strong will and Courage.
      • Listen and follow the instructions of Hadrat Khalifatul Masihaa presented through sermons and different programs specifically for Atfalul Ahmadiyya.
      • Honest and obeys Nizam-e-Jama'at and elders
    • Q/A Sessions & Group Discussions: Arrange Q/A sessions and group discussions pertaining to the needs of Atfal of the Majlis under the supervision of Learned Religious Scholars. Demonstrate personal living examples of elders of Jama'at, history and tradition of Islam Ahmadiyyat.
    • Miscellaneous Events: Arrange interesting and appealing activities for Atfal, and have their inputs for these events as well. Use these events to address the challenges Atfal are facing in their day-to-day activities.
  • Use the Murabbi Atfal System to address any personal issues and to communicate with parents. This system has huge benefits and should be utilized for practical purposes. (See Murabbi Atfal Section for details).
  • Encourage Atfal to adopt the five fundamental characteristics as emphasized by Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh
    • Truthfulness
    • Use of polite and respectable language
    • Care for people, awareness of others sufferings and assist them to resolve this
    • Patience
    • Strong will and courage
  • Supervise Atfal's use of electronic media.
  • Make sure Atfal recite Khilafat Jubilee prayers regularly.
  • When working on a target oriented approach, one should analyze the PIF (Personal Information Form), IQF (Individual Questionnaire Form), and Monthly Report Form to ensure that participation of Atfal is increasing in the abovementioned attributes.
  • Establish a bond with Atfal by visiting Atfal and their parents regularly.
  • Encourage Atfal to write letters to Hadrat Khalifatul Masihaa regularly, and make them aware of the blessings of Khilafat.
  • Make literature (Print Media, Video Cassettes, CD's, and DVD's) available to Atfal and their parents that deal with social issues.
  • Motivate Atfal to read books regularly, especially Jama'at literature.
  • Ensure that Atfal attend the Ijlaasat organized by Jama'at.
  • Promote Waqf-e-Zindigi scheme amongst Atfal.
  • Promote Hifz-e-Qu'ran scheme amongst Atfal. Forward the names of those Atfal who are memorizing the Holy Qur'an to National Markaz.
  • Publish articles/circulars (after obtaining approval from Amir Sahib Jama'at Canada) on Tarbiyati issues.
  • Train and involve Atfal in Tabligh activities.
  • Help Khuddam to distribute Tabligh literature in the neighbourhood.
  • Provide Atfal Tabligh literature, and encourage them to spread Ahmadiyyat to friends and teachers.
  • Encourage Nau Mubai'in Atfal to attend Namaz centers regularly to offer Namaz in congregation.
  • Encourage and arrange all Nau Mubai'in Atfal to participate in Namaz-e-Jum'a and other Jama'at events.
  • Arrange speeches on social issues (e.g., peer pressure, drinking, smoking, dating etc) during various programs of the Majlis by respected elders of the Jama'at.
  • Celebrate Parents' Days once every quarter, in which parents of Atfal should be invited. Parents should be requested to work together with Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya in educating and training their children morally and socially, and introduce them to common religious knowledge.