Masood Ahmad sahib – Secretary Waqar Amal

The Department of Waqar-e-'Amal (Dignity of Labour) is to inculcate the habit of doing one's own work with one's hands amongst Atfal, and to keep the environment clean through individual and collective Waqar-e-'Amal.



  • Encourage Atfal to perform household chores and to do their own work with their own hands, e.g., washing their own clothes, cleaning their own rooms, cleaning the washrooms, ironing, polishing shoes, etc.
  • Inform and motivate Atfal to clean mosques.
  • Hold Collective Waqar-e-'Amal activities, such as cleaning local Namaz centers, local Mosques and neighborhoods, etc. at least once a month with proper attendance preferably after Jama'at events.
  • Educate Atfal through lectures and circulars during Ijlas-e-A'am to keep their environment as clean as possible, e.g., to dispose of their garbage at appropriate places, keep the walk way clean and safe.
  • Promote gardening amongst Atfal, and at least twice a year there should be special programs organize for this purpose.
  • Hold an Exemplary Waqar-e-'Amal at the Majlis and Zil`a levels at least once a year.
    • At least 60 % of the Majlis Tajnid must participate in this Waqar-e-'Amal.
    • At the Zil`a level, all Majalis must participate in the Exemplary Waqar-e-'Amal. At least 50% of the Zil`a's Tajnid must participate in it.
    • For Zil`a Waqar-e-'Amal, it is not necessary to conduct the Waqar-e-'Amal in a single location. The Exemplary Waqar-e-'Amal can be organized in multiple locations within a Zil`a. However, all Zil`a in and around GTA should organize it at a single location.
    • For a Waqar-e-'Amal to be considered Exemplary, a minimum of two hours must be spent doing the major task of Waqar-e-'Amal.
    • For an Exemplary Waqar-e-'Amal, it is encouraging to perform it outside Jama'at property.