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Mayar Saghir (300 words): What is Ahmadiyyat?

Mayar Kabir (700 – 1000 words): Obedience to Khilafat and Nizam Jama‘at


Rules and Regulations

  1. The research essay may be written in English or French.
  2. All essays must be typed and submitted online to National Markaz by July 20th 2017 11:59 pm.
  3. Tifl’s full name, Mayar, age (in years & months), and Majlis name must be submitted with the essay.
  4. Essay for Mayar Saghir should consist of 300 words and that for Mayar Kabir should be 700-1000 words (maximum) in length (Not including references).
  5. The research essay must be written by the Tifl but parents or other elders are encouraged to proofread the essay to correct any mistakes and to suggest any improvements. All ideas must be properly cited. A list of all references from the Holy Qur’an, Hadith, Jam ’at literature, relevant scientific or other reputable sources must be provided at the end.
  6. Atfal must develop a thesis for the topic and organize the essay into series of paragraphs.
  7. Any grammar, spelling and punctuation errors will be penalized.
  8. Prizes will be announced at the Annual National Ijtima‘ 2017.


Details on rules, marking criteria and writing tips can be found here

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Deadline for submission – July 20th 2017 11:59 pm –

For any questions or concerns, please contact National Secretary Ta‘lim for Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya Canada. Email:

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