Atfal UK Trip 2019

Dear Parents:

By the Grace of Allah, Syedna Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (May Allah be his Helper!) has graciously granted approval for a Canadian Atfal Trip to UK from March 12 – 17, 2019. Atfal are going to have the opportunity to offer Prayers behind Huzoor Anwar (May Allah be his Helper!) during this trip, along with having a Mulaqat with our beloved Huzoor (May Allah be his Helper!)

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The spots will fill up on a First come, First serve basis – Once ALL the steps have been completed – Post Registration.


To go on this trip the following requirements must be met.

  1. The Tifl must be 10-15 year old, and a member of Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya Canada.

NOTE***  This year, the trip is open to any Tifl between ages of 10-15, whether they have joined in previous trips or not.

Your Steps to confirm your spot for UK Trip

  1. Registration – Click here to Register
  2. Book your Flight & Travel Insurance (If you do NOT have a Canadian Passport please check Instructions below).

    ***The following Flights will have supervision for the Atfal. ***

  3. Pay additional mandatory $150.00 in Misc. Khuddam section on (MUST BE DONE ONLINE) for the Atfal Kit. Send screenshot of Receipt to

    Step 1: 

    Step 2 

    Step 3 

  4. Send the following items to

    1. Full Itinerary
    2. Passport Copy
    3. Completed Consent Form
      • Complete Consent Form – including Notarization of Form.
      • Consent form will be required in order to allow the Tifl to travel with the group under the supervision of a representative from National, Regional, or Local ‘Amila.
        1. Canadian Passport – Use THIS FORM
        2. Pakistani Passport – Use THIS FORM
    4. Atfal Kit Receipt

Once all 4 steps have been completed, You will receive a Confirmation email within 48 hours. If you do not receive an email after 48 hours please call 647-938-2059.

If you do NOT have a Canadian Passport

  1. Registration – Click here to Register
  2. Wait to receive invitation letter from UK
  3. Apply for VISA
  4. Once you have received VISA, you need to book a Flight, if travelling from Toronto, you MUST Pick the flight below:
    • Depart – AC848 – YYZ -> LHR
      Arrival – AC849 – LHR -> YYZ
  5. Follow steps 3-4 above. Your Steps to confirm your spot for UK Trip

Uniform (MANDATORY For every Tifl to bring the following)

  • Two Plain White Dress Shirts
  • Two Plain Black Dress Pants
  • Black Dress Socks & Shoes

Things to Remember

  • Attend the rehearsal classes / meetings in preparation for this blessed trip in Canada (Date and Location with be emailed to you)
  • The Tifl must stay with the Atfal group throughout the entire trip.

This is a life changing opportunity for Atfal of Canada. Atfal children will remember this trip for the rest of their lives.


Fahid Hundal | Muntazim A’ala Atfal UK Trip 2019 | Tel: 647.643.2677 | |

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Can my younger son (in Mayar Saghir) come along with the older brother who is in Mayar Kabir? 
    • So long as the Tifl is 10 years and older, he is eligible to join.
  • What you will receive for the $150.00?
    • You will receive Atfal Jacket, Atfal Baseball Cap, Indonesian Hat, Khuddam Scarf, and more…
  • Can my son visit the relatives who live in the United Kingdom?
    • The purpose of this trip is to have a positive and lasting impact on Atfal. That requires that Atfal stay together as a group and participate in all the activities (meetings, tours) that are in the planning for them.  Staying together will also allow the Atfal to develop brotherhood and make this a memorable trip for the rest of their lives.  We will be allocating some time to meet with relatives.   For children’s safety, no Tifl will be allowed to leave the premises without first getting consent from the parents.
  • Do Atfal need to bring a Uniform or is that provided?
    • We are asking that each Tifl should bring two sets of the standard Atfal Uniform: two plain black dress pants (i.e. not jeans) and two plain white dress shirts with full sleeves.  These will be required when offering the Friday Prayers and during any formal meeting.   This is necessary for a uniform look.   Due to the varying sizes, this is not being provided. A Jacket, a hat, a scarf, and a badge will be provided.
  • Can my son go on his own and join you in UK?
    • This is an international (group) field trip. We are traveling together as a group and don’t have individual itineraries.  Feel free to write for permission or accommodations due to some special circumstances (beyond your control) for consideration. Your requests will be sent to the organizers of this trip for consideration.

May Allah bless our efforts and make this trip a source of lasting blessings for all of us! Ameen!