Ramadhan Challenge 2017


  • The Tracking Chart must be verified by the Parent and must be submitting by July 5, 2017.

  • The prizes are being arranged by each region and will be given to the top Atfal in the region.

  • National Department of Atfal will ensure that at least one Bike will be given to the best Tifl in each Region.

  • Regions may award more Bikes and other prizes based on age-wise grouping (Mayar Saghir Group 1, Mayar Saghir Group 2, Mayar Kabir).

  • The Local Majalis are encouraged to run the Ramadhan Challenge at the local level and award smaller prizes (such as gift cards).

  • The age and Mayar of the Tifl will be taken into consideration when selecting the top Atfal.

  • If a large number of Atfal meet these requirements, the Bonus activities may be used to select the top Atfal. If needed a further quiz (and/or interview) may be administered to select the top Atfal.