Responsibilities of Sehat Jismani

Fahid Hundal sahib – Secretary Sehat Jismani

The Department of Sehat-e-Jismani (Physical Health) is to create awareness of the importance of personal hygiene, physical fitness and overall physical well being of its members. Organize individual & group exercises, sports sessions and health advisory events throughout the year. Inculcate the highest standards of sportsmanship, truth and morals during sporting events.



  • Encourage Atfal to participate in sport activities arranged by Majlis at both the local and national level.
  • Arrange a gym (center for sports) and setup regular (weekly) organized sporting events at the local level.
  • Introduce different sports and physical exercises amongst Atfal; such as swimming, biking and horse back riding.Improve various attributes in Atfal through sporting events such as discipline, sportsmanship, brotherhood, truthfulness, obedience, team spirit, avoidance of foul language and professionalism.
  • Arrange programs for picnics, Kulo Jammiyya (pot luck), hiking and camping for Atfal to promote outdoor activities and their physical well being.Pay special attention towards the physical appearance of Atfal such as cleanliness of clothes, teeth, nails etc.
  • Advice Atfal about nutrition, healthy eating and promote awareness of health issues. This can be accomplished by holding a local seminar.
  • Develop habit of healthy eating amongst Atfal. Make special efforts that Atfal do not eat junk foods, and instead have foods which make them health, like milk and Soya bean.
  • Use sports events as a useful mean to involve inactive Atfal in Majlis events.
  • Organize year round local and Inter-Majlis sports competitions to prepare for National and Regional competitions. There should be at least one tournament every quarter.
  • Develop a database that identifies Atfal who exercise daily so that you can motivate the ones not listed.
  • Ensure that Namaz is offered at its appropriate timings.
  • Ensure all sports events follow a proper dress code.
  • Inculcate the habit of starting all sporting events with silent prayers.
  • Arrange special events such as fund raising.
  • Participate in community events organized by other social, religious and cultural organizations.
  • Encourage the habit of a morning walk amongst Atfal.
  • Organize biking trips.
  • Encourage Atfal to have regular dental, eye and annual physical checkups.