Responsibilities of Isha`at

Mubashir Ahmad Shahid sahib – Secretary Isha`at

The Department of Isha'at (Publication) is to produce publications and encourage Atfal to send articles to local and National publications.



  • Create Atfal section in an existing local newsletter (i.e. one published by Khuddam) and list all key activities for the past month and important upcoming events.
  • Encourage Atfal to write articles for Al-Nida, Hadeeqatul Atfal, and other magazines and newspapers.
  • Ensure that all Atfal receive Hadeeqatul Atfal and local newsletter regularly.
  • Submit articles, poems, and other materials for publications written by Atfal to National Markaz.
  • Collect articles of Atfal's general interest from magazines, and send them to National Markaz.
  • Design and publish (paper and electronic) event specific flyers for various programs of the Majlis.
  •  Hold Essay Writing Contest and include the names of winners in the local newsletter, and send the winning essays to National Markaz.
  • Encourage Atfal to write essays for National Essay Writing Contest.
  • All publications done by Majlis must be approved by Respected Amir Sahib Jama'at Canada in accordance with the instructions given by Huduraa.