Salman Rehan sahib – Secretary Mal

The main purpose of Department of Mal (Finance) is to inculcate the habit of paying Chanda according to the prescribed rate and to collect Chanda from 100% of the Tajnid.


Membership Donation is the primary donation of Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya. The collection usually continues throughout the fiscal year (Nov 1st – Oct 31st). All collection must be completed by Oct 31st of each year. The rate of membership donation is $22 per year for each Tifl.

Ijtima' Donation is used for holding the Ijtima't. The rate of Ijtima' donation is $18.00 once a year for each Tifl.



  • Inculcate a habit of financial sacrifice in Atfal by collecting donation from them regularly.
  • Prepare and submit the Annual Budget of the Majlis to Markaz for approval prior to December 25th.
  • Collect donations of Majlis regularly every month, and report actual amount of Membership and Ijtima' Chanda collected regularly to Markaz.
  • The donations should be collected with the official Jama'at Receipt Book. Clearly have the proper description of the type of Chanda mentioned on receipt.
  • Keep local records of Atfal donations in a database, so it can be verified anytime.
  • Ensure that all expenditures of the Majlis are approved by Qa'id Majlis through Nazim Atfal and proper receipts are kept for subsequent audit.
  • Atleast twice a year, Qa'id Majlis should audit all local collection and expenses.