Irfan Zahid sahib – Secretary Khidmat Khalq

The Department of Khidmat Khalq (Service to Humanity) is to serve humanity unconditionally without differentiating between religion, creed or colour and to assist those in need.



  • Create a spirit of love and respect for humanity, and desire to serve mankind amongst Atfal by making special arrangement to visit hospitals, shelter homes, senior homes, etc. especially during festive
  • Involve Atfal in variety of Khidmat Khalq activities, e.g., helping the needy, visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, giving directions to visitors, doing grocery for seniors, mowing the lawn and removing the snow for neighbours
  • Collect food, books and clothing for distribution to the needy on a regular
  • Urge Atfal to volunteer their time at food banks, hospitals, and nursing
  • Perform various duties at all Jama'at
  • Establish programs for members of the Majlis to learn CPR and First
  • Encourage Atfal to join Scout
  • On special occasions, like Christmas, Easter, Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha, make special plans for Atfal to take them to less fortunate fellow human beings, and distribute gifts from
  • Make special programs which generate income to donate for Humanity First, and at the time of natural disaster at any place in the world, help Humanity First by any
  • Involve Atfal by any means to help homeless people.